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Articles on the Music of

Miklós Rózsa

Hungarian-born, German-trained, and hardened by an early professional career in Paris and London, composer Miklós Rózsa moved to Hollywood during the second world war- but what was supposed to be a quick trip turned into a lifetime stay. Rózsa wrote nearly 100 film scores and some 40 concert works that all deserve study. 
During my master's degree at CSULB, I wrote this project report on his score to Robert Siodmak's 1946 thriller, THE KILLERS. Please enjoy.
During my graduate studies at Arizona State University, I had the pleasure of conducting Rózsa's concert work, THEME, VARIATIONS, AND FINALE. His first mature work is filled with rich melodies and epic moments, foreshadowing his future output as a film composer. I wrote a detailed analysis and performance guide which I have provided below. Please enjoy!
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