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Here are some inspiring videos I frequently reference. If I showed you a video in your lesson, you'll most likely find it here.
Rafael Mendez was a Mexican trumpet virtuoso who played with many studio orchestras in Los Angeles. He makes it look easy using silent breaths and incredible control.
Sabine Meyer is the first female principal of the Berlin Philharmonic. Her interpretation of this Stamitz Concerto in Bb includes highly embellished sections.
Shlomo Mintz's take on this Paganini Caprice No. 5 is inhuman. 
Linsey Pollak is an improvisor and inventor with more creativity than he knows what to do with. Here's a clarinet made from a sopranino clarinet mouthpiece, a funnel, and a carrot.
"Drink to me only with Thine Eyes" is a song in the Rubank Elementary Method book for clarient. Here's Owl Jolson's take.
Bobby McFerrin shows the pentatonic scale's power. Music is clearly a cultural universal.
Steve Vai is one of the most engaging performers on the planet. Look at how entertaining he makes these wild solos!
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